Embrace Wellness


Embrace Wellness.  Spelling it out helps me sort the files in my brain a bit.  I am a planner.  After writing this out, I realize that I have been without a plan for some time now.  Silly me!

Mind – This one seems to be the most difficult for me. [Plan:  Get back into a sensible daily routine, planned meditation, keep writing and write daily since this helps, take my pills every effing day]

Body – I am most aware of this one at the moment. [Plan: back to the gym 3x per week, avoid emotional-eating favorites, and drink more water, less wine]

Spirit – I struggle with this one as we all do, I feel as if I question more than I should. I sing about having faith and being brave but sometimes I feel like a big liar as a worship leader. [Plan: Possibly a small group class of some sort, planned prayer time, go to a church service as a congregant]

Financial – This one has been up and down, but I have made progress lately. [Plan: No more Starbucks, Debt snowball a la Dave Ramsey in place, following the plan of the financial planner]

Relationships – Shields are up. [Plan: keep shields up while I work on all that other shiz]