I woke up today when a little kitten playfully jumped on my face.  It’s not the worst alarm clock.  It was a good reminder to play and smile and be grateful for another day.

I then started thinking about my “to do” list for the day.  I should do ____.  I need to do ____.  I do this every day of course, today is no different.  Because it is the eve of the new year, I feel the need to add something of significance to the list – not the “today” list but “THE” list.

Why do we wait until the years end to ponder any maneuvering of action or thoughts in our lives?  We sort things out in calendar years, quarters, months, time slots, etc.  I absolutely appreciate the organization and predictability of such things, but why only take personal inventory and declare action one time a year?

Haiku To Do…

My resolution:
Jump.  Care.  Dance.  Love.  Do.  Hope.  Cheese.
My revolution.

Yes, I know cheese is not a verb.  However, love is a verb and I love cheese.  #profoundshiz