Tonight I realized that I ask a lot of questions.  Why do I do this?  😉

I ask people questions and wait for the answer.  I ask rhetorical questions to get people thinking…or get myself thinking.  I ask questions I don’t know or don’t want to know the answer to and I ask questions about nonsensical bullshit that doesn’t matter.  So, what the fuck is my point?  Am I being adorable or annoying?  Intelligent or ridiculous?  What difference does it make and who even cares?

I do ask myself a lot of questions.  I think that is okay…except for the times when I over-analyze in order to answer the question.  Maybe I need to set up a boundary for myself and this asking question nonsense.

Situation:  A thought, problem or question occurs.  I will limit myself to 3 questions regarding motivation & meaning behind the thought and resolution to the thought.  Then, I must move on.

I’ll try it—
Example:  ……………………………………

Okay, I just spent 20 minutes thinking of 100 topics that I have issue with and 6 thousand questions for each topic, so this is not going to work today or ever.

I’ll try again.

Example:  The little babies that get thrown into the pool just open their eyes and learn to swim because they don’t know to be afraid of the water yet.  Q1:  When do we grow up to be afraid?  Q2:  How does this relate to the things I fear in my life today?  Q3:  Why doesn’t the chlorine burn their eyes like it does mine?

Okay, moving on.

I have more questions to ask and ponder but to what avail?

Wine break.


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