Say Shiz


I have decided.  I feel how I feel.  “Say what you need to say…even if your hands are shaking…do it with an open heart,” as John Mayer so aptly shared.

It matters not what happens next.  “Fear is the force that holds us back” is a phrase that I heard in college at some point.  I wrote it down on a piece of paper and taped it on my mirror.  I looked at it every day.  I wanted to remember it and adjust my decisions—I felt courageous when I read it and ready to face the world.  Then, moments later, when I faced the world, I froze in fear.  I held myself back.

Maybe it is the time that has passed, my age, my experience, my frustration, the wine…but I am so tired of feeling afraid.

Heads up.  I’m about to say some profound shiz.


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