Quick re-cap about my dream last night:
I was at a restaurant, there was a teeny little dog in the bathroom, I leaned over to pet and it licked my cheek.  It hurt like a bee sting, I looked in the mirror and it was a little spot of blood.  I realized that the dog must have bitten me, but why?  I came out of the bathroom and told people that the dog bit me and they did not believe me.  Then, I felt it.  I looked in another mirror because I could feel the blood running down my face.  There was bright red blood running from my hairline.  I kept looking and feeling on my hair to see where the blood was coming from but that just made the blood come faster.  My shirt was soaked in blood.  I shouted, “I’m bleeding!”  No one looked at me, they just nodded, smirked, and looked away.  I felt dizzy and wondered if I would faint.  I left the restaurant and started walking away, hoping that someone would come after me and help.  I could hear him behind me in the distance, “Okay, I believe you, wait!”  And I kept walking.


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