Just Call Me Mara: Part 3


TopGolf.  I cringe and frown every time I drive by this damn place.  I can see it from my front door.  “It blocks my sky,” I say, “It’s an eyesore.”  Why must they build such an enormous, loud, offensive, unnecessary retail establishment that looks like a freakin’ gorilla cage and it blocks my sky?!?  I mean, come on!!!  There are people starving in this world!  Children need clean water and an education!  Don’t these people have families?  Why are they golfing morning, noon, and night?  Isn’t there a REAL golf course down the street somewhere?

Free.  I vowed never to spend a dime on that place, no matter what.  I mean, I boycotted Target for years due to their poor customer service and look where they ended up.  At work, I was invited to a networking event late this summer.  It was at TopGolf and it was free.  Ha!  I’ll check out this place, let them know that their music is too loud for the neighbors, and get a peek at how stupid they are.  I sat and chatted with the others, the warm breeze and sunshine settling my blood pressure.  The food was slightly better than bar food, as expected.  People were hitting balls off the “greens” into the giant pit where the gorilla sleeps.  Then, I stood up and said, “I want to play.”  You see, hitting balls there with the others was a competition in the computer—like bowling.  Obviously, I had to try to win.  It had been years since I’d hit a golf ball.  I held that damn club, wiggled my hips, adjusting my stance as I was noticing that my giant rack was now in the way.  I gotta tell ya.  I had some pretty sweet swings, folks.  And, I left smiling—just for a brief moment of course until I became angry because I wanted to hate it so much and in the end, I liked it.

Bitterness.  TopGolf never did anything to me personally.  Yet, I was angry at “it” for just being present and in my face on a daily basis.  Or, was there more to it?  Golf seemed to take priority over me in a previous relationship.  I mean, for realsies.  That was my perception.  Am I bitter toward the innocent game of hitting a little white ball with a stick for 4 hours on a sunny day out in nature?  Sounds like a great mini-vacation!  Or, am I sad that I was too far down on the list, following several things, including golf?  More to ponder.

Freedom.  Letting all that shiz go is the key to freedom.  I drove by TopGolf tonight and I didn’t growl.  I just drove by.


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