Happy Hour


So, I was sitting with a couple of friends at a restaurant after a work appointment, drinking wine, chatting, laughing, and people watching. Old people watching. Apparently, this place is a happy hour destination of those over the age of 75. I noticed the tables of mostly women drinking wine, chatting, laughing, and I wondered if that will be me someday. The piano player was singing and scatting while the jazz flute followed along. I recognized the melody but couldn’t place it. I decided that it is very similar to the theme from Star Trek, so I just tried to enjoy it and tune back in to the conversation. I wondered if the women at the other tables are discussing the same topics: kids, sex, dating, not dating, friends, trips, cooking prawns, etc.

As I got in my car to go home I felt grateful. As much as it would be a blessing to have a companion to come home to, it has been empowering to do things like this. I can freely go to happy hour with the girls or stop after work to shop for navy pants or order pizza for dinner with the toppings that I like without having to pick off the green peppers.

Life is okay without a companion. Life is okay with cats, but 3 is the limit if you are a single lady. Meow.


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