Epiphany x2


Epiphany #1:

Clutter piles up, I add another junk drawer. Even on those days where I clean out the junk drawer, it still manages to remain a drawer of crap that I don’t need or want. I have realized that I have the choice to clean out the drawers, closets, and files. I have a choice in how I move forward in my life. I need to stop tossing things in a box or basket to deal with later. Every single time I stuff things in a file or fill a bag to set aside, I get overwhelmed and struggle with the stuff—what to do with the stuff.

So, I’ve emptied the file cabinet and there are papers all over the floor. Some of the papers are so old and tattered that I can hardly make out what they are…a story, a memory, a feeling? The time has come to look at the papers one by one and decide. Then, the file goes in the cabinet under “Reviewed, Examined, and Concluded–Now You Can Move On” and/or the file goes in that hungry fucking shredder—and then I move on.

Epiphany #2:

8 days is long enough. Sometimes perspective is better when one looks through another’s concerned eyes. Also, when one verbalizes the “logic” involved in decision-making it can sound ridiculous.


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