My blender broke. The cat knocked down and broke my new purple vase. Water leaked from the toilet tank all over the bathroom floor. Lou has the flu for realsies. The furnace went out in the night and at 4:30am it was 53 degrees in the house.

I sit here thinking and typing…and I am grateful. I have a home. I have a Tamiflu dealer. I have blankets. I have many places to go for warmth. I have my AB May peeps who came to the rescue as they do. I have choices.

The other day as we drove out of our way to avoid the chaos that is the new Roe Bridge over 435, Lou loudly questions the universe: Why do they fix things that don’t need to be fixed when people are hungry and dying?!?

Good question.

The littles in our lives ask “why” a billion times. It can be exhausting. They ask and ask until we start answering with “just because” “because I said so” and “ask Grandpa Pat”. Maybe they have it right, though. We should question more. We should do more. At some point we just stop asking “why” expecting an answer, knowing we can’t or aren’t willing to do anything about “it”. We lounge around in our complacency until we get to a point where we shout to the heavens, “Why me?” “Why now?” “Why?!?”

So, early this morning, as I sat in my chair, in my cold house, with my broken stuff and sick kid, I thought of those that do not have a home. They do not have a cute little home warranty to call for repair 24/7. They don’t have an easy way to find medicine for their child or themselves. I do not have the answers. But, today I begin my answer with profound gratitude and the commitment of knowing that I will do more. More of something.


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