I was awake in the night thinking about all the posts, stories, and comments I’ve read about Ferguson, the grand jury verdict, and the aftermath. I was actually offended by one post on Facebook that was supposed to be funny but seemed to me to be part of the flippant attitude and casual racism that perpetuates this sadness.
I was not present that day, I have not read all the “news” stories, heard all the testimony, assessed all the evidence, or looked those involved in the eye for a hint of their level of honesty and motives.
The thought on my mind now is the anger and rioting. I get it. People lament in different ways. Lamenting is passionately expressing grief, rage, and sorrow. Why is the community rioting? Because the community wants attention to this matter—they are angry, exhausted, grieving, and beyond frustrated. Please know that I do not support acts of violence to get attention. But, I get it.
I am very grateful that there are brave men and women who choose to keep an eye out, come to our aid when called, and risk their lives each day. I can’t think of one single profession where there aren’t a few corrupt, power-hungry, jackasses–but in general, I try to err on the side of assuming the best intentions.
So, we can’t go back and fix it. We can move forward in an attempt to understand each other or we can keep on doing the same thing, expecting different results, and questioning why nothing ever changes.
Stop hating and start loving. Love your freaking neighbor.


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