Hotel Bar


So I’m out of town and stopped by the hotel bar to get a drink and snack to take back to the room. A man at the bar started a conversation with me. He seemed harmless so we exchanged pleasantries. Then he started asking me personal questions (did I like football and such) and SHIELDS UP! I could feel the shut down sequence happening and that was that. I said,”It was nice to meet you” and I left. As I walked back to my room I thought,”That was nice. Feels good to think someone is interested. And he was drinking ice water so he wasn’t drunk……..oh wait. I bet that was vodka.” So only if he were drunk would I be interesting? C’mon already! Have I just spent enough of my life believing all the crap that all I can do is believe in the crap and not in what might be good? Apparently, yes.


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