Frail Heart


Lou: Mom, I think you should date.

Oy. Sigh. Ugh.

Me: Honey, no thank you. I’m fine.

Lou: But, don’t you get bored?

Me: Hmmmm…Sometimes I’m bored, but mostly I’m just content.

Lou: I’ll make you a profile on-line.

Me: What?!? I don’t think so.

Lou: Okay, I’ll give you one year. Then you either get a dog or I’m making you an on-line profile.

Me: I’m not sure what a dog has to do with anything. (Later I realized that she just wants me to have a companion and not be lonely.)

Lou: One year.

Me: I appreciate you so much. But, my heart is kind of squashed up. I just don’t think my frail heart can handle it. Hey, “Frail Heart” would make a great song title, right?

Lou: Yes, it would. Okay, two years then.

Oy. Sigh. Ugh


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