I had a long conversation today with a man who has about 2 months to live. He was making lists of things to take care of and asked if I could get some light bulbs for his lamp. The lamp was on and the bulbs were working. I didn’t ask why but I assume he was making sure that we would take care of this task if something were to happen to the lamp. Or to him. I told him I’d be happy to get some extra light bulbs for the lamp, no problem. He was content for the moment, took his pen and crossed it off his list.

We never quite know when the light bulb will go out, do we? I think most of us have light bulbs in a closet somewhere for just in case. And then there’s the lamp that needs a bulb but we are too lazy to change the bulb or we just put it on a list for next time we are at the store. We prepare, we procrastinate, we forget, we just be we.

I find it difficult to wrap my brain around those who live life as if there is no tomorrow—no plan—no concern about what’s next. I plan. I plan so hard that my head hurts. I have enough light bulbs in my closet to last me for years. And I mostly live a life that doesn’t require a lot of lamps. The irony makes me smile. And giggle a bit. It may be time for an adventure. Somewhere with interesting light. Lights. Light fixtures. Light bulbs. Sigh. I guess I’m just staying home.


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