One Duck Stuck


I feel like writing tonight but there are so many topics in my head right now that I just can’t settle down on one. Change is happening. It is always happening, I suppose. But, there are just too many all at once at the moment. It’s like a log jam and I can’t stop the logs from slamming into each other—and the water keeps flowing—but the night comes and the sun comes up again the next day, so the world keeps on keepin’ on. I just keep waiting for one of the logs to loosen up and let the rest go, to no avail. I push on the logs but I can’t move them. Then I take a deep breath and I see a log move on its own. Hope! Then I wait and another slams into the pile in the back. All of these logs are life, topics, change, joys, and clutter that clogs up the days and gets me stuck.

One duck stuck, down in the muck.


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