Smoke Gets in Your Head


There are days when something reminds you of a memory, a person, a situation. Sometimes the reminder brings you right back to the pain and anger…or a smile or a laugh.

The open air;
scheming, competitive thoughts are hushed.
Birds sing;
Clear skies and many colors of green paint the landscape.
The warm, light breeze asks my eyes to close;
I breathe in the springtime.
The unforgettable scent of cigar smoke wafts gently over me,
I smile.
I look up and see them thinking and waving their fancy metal sticks.
I stop and watch the concentration, the inner pep talk, and the swing.
I smile.
I walk on and say quietly, “Shanked it.”
I take another deep breath to grab another taste of the smoke but it is gone.
I am grateful to smile and nothing more. 


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