Read this. NOW. ;)


I’ve been hearing about a new campaign about banning the word “bossy” when referring to girls specifically.  The thought behind this is that girls are not becoming leaders because they are afraid to be considered “bossy” or being labeled as “bossy”. 

I call bullshit on this one.  Being bossy has nothing to do with leadership skills.  Good leaders have a lot of qualities and skills:  listening, coaching, delegating; they inspire others, are full of creativity, kindness, and knowledge.   Good leaders are not disrespectful, selfish, or bossy. 

Banning the word won’t change the bad behavior.  How about we ban bossiness?  And why would it be okay for a boy to be bossy?  Is the assumption that a bossy boy makes a good leader?   Geez, people.  How about we focus on loving our neighbor?  I mean ALL our neighbors, not just the ones we want to love.  Love is not bossy. 


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