Today I cleaned house.  Well, not the whole house.  And, the house is not really cleaned.  But, I did do some cleaning.  Specifically, I taped the Swiffer to the end of a long pole and I grabbed all the cobwebs from the ceilings in the house.  I didn’t notice the cobwebs when I was working full-time.  Or maybe I noticed some of them sometimes but didn’t care to do anything about it.  I was thinking about how long we leave cobwebs in the hidden corners before we take action.  How long do we leave cobwebs in the corners of the house…the corners of our mind…the corners of our heart?  We know we should dust more often, but why do we put off those tasks that help us remove clutter, clear our minds, and free our hearts?  Is it really that much work?  If we were to dust once a week, the task would be easier.  When we wait until the layer thickens and the task becomes a chore…becomes an obstacle, the work involved is much more overwhelming but still worth doing.  Too much dust makes it hard to breath.  Too much clutter makes it hard to think. 


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