Irony, not ironing


I gave some quick advice a la text today. 

“Sometimes I think we are meant to cross the paths of those who need us and/or we need them.  We shall all learn from each other and we will get through this silly adventure called life!”

I am a part-time nanny it seems.  This was not in the plan, but the plan changed.  Also, my perception changed a bit today.  I was telling some friends at the gym why I was late and mentioned that this sweet  8 year old I am taking care of was crying her eyes out before I took her to school  because her mom & stepdad left for a mission trip to India early this morning.  “Sounds like a great opportunity,” said Austin.  “Yeah, it is,” I replied thinking that he was talking about the mission trip.  Then he said that Winston Churchill noted that one of the most influential people in his life was his nanny. 

I was not expecting that. 

Her mom texted in between flights this morning and apologized for having to deal with “some of the icky stuff” as her daughter adjusts to a little of an upside-down life at the moment.  I am a mom.  I knew she needed to know that I understood the situation and was up for the task, but there was not a lot of time to be profound, so I just typed and sent the text.  She was grateful for the response and felt better. 

I used to actually believe that stuff I wrote in the text.  Until I sent it, I didn’t think I still believed.   The irony is not lost on me either.   Irony makes me smile, every time.  🙂


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