I dreamt of pizza last night.


I was struggling to find my car in an endless parking lot.  I kept pushing the key fob and the lights would blink but it was not my car.  Some of the car doors even opened, but they were not mine.  It was dark and misty one moment then a bright, sunny day the next.  I could hear conversations happening and hear my name occasionally, but did not see anyone I knew.  I was frustrated, tired, and hungry.  Not hungry for food but hungry for conclusion.  I found myself in a deli sort of restaurant and all I could see on the menu was pizza.  There were pictures of big, fluffy, pillows of cheese and toppings…and lots of crunchy edges of crust.  I could smell the pizza baking and could taste it in my mouth without having a single bite.  I paced back and forth.  I knew I should not order the pizza.  I wondered if I could just eat the toppings and leave the crust.  But, I knew better. 
I asked the chef if there was anything to order without bread.  He said that there was but it was 18 dollars.  He told me what the item was but he was speaking Spanish.  Moments later, he gave me the order.  The food had no scent.  The counter moved and things fell over, food and dishes crashed to the floor.  My food spilled inside the sack.  I left knowing that I had something to eat if needed but I was no longer hungry.  I stopped looking for my car and just walked. 


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