Dream memory


I had lost him and was devastated.  I walked away from the room and was naked.  I walked through hallways that seemed to be at an airport or mall.  There were random people standing, sitting, talking and staring.  I didn’t feel embarrassed, I felt numb.  I felt alone and hopeless.  As I walked,  I felt the ice cold tile floor underneath my feet—most were cracked, uneven surfaces, sticky and dirty—and I kept walking. 

Then I heard my name.  He said my name.  I turned around, he came toward me and we embraced.  We kissed and gently fell to the warm, clean, perfect floor.   He looked into my eyes and said, “Let’s go.”  As we stood, he took off his button-down shirt and wrapped it around me.  We smiled and walked together, sure-footed and hopeful.


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