Mwah ha ha


A vampire survives from feasting off the living.  How does one get rid of a vampire?  Wooden stake through the heart?  Holy water?  Garlic?  They prey on those unsuspecting, weak, kind people right?  Or is part of the challenge to prove they can overpower those who let them—even if they are smart, strong, and confident?

Oprah coined a phrase in a magazine article many years ago that I’ve made part of my vocabulary.  Energy Vampire.  But, I’d like to revise it a bit:  energy vampire.  No caps for you bloodsuckers.  I’ve encountered a few of these sorts of humans.  We all have.  They suck the energy right out of the room, out of your soul, for purposes that I’m not sure even they are aware.  I’ve had difficulty avoiding them in the past.  Allowed them to remove the life from me little by little…taking away the essence of Me making it difficult to find Me at times.

Well, I have good news!  My vision is improving.  I can see you coming.  I am garlic.  Roar.


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