Let your light shine


I was talking with a friend today about my plan to “re-group” and “gather my thoughts” before I move forward.  My friend said, “Just be awesome where you are and with what you are doing.  Let your light shine!  You decide, you choose.”

Good advice.  And it sounds so simple.  I’m a person who could spend days analyzing something I have little or no control over and in other instances, I probably should have spent a lot more time considering my decisions.  Oh, the dilemma of knowing which decisions should land in which category!

Oh bother.  More to thoughts to consider, mull over, ponder, and clutter my mind.


Today I will let my light shine wherever I am and whatever I do.  I will start by replacing that light bulb on the veranda and see where the awesomeness leads me.  🙂


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